Founded in 2018, OFKA began as a contemporary design firm that specialized in Architecture and Interior Design. Since then, they have expanded their role to take on a broader definition of what it means to be a creative studio in today’s world.
OFKA offers many services but at the core of their values is an appreciation for thoughtful design. Their services range from consultation to production from identity design to full-scale Architectural and Interior Design services.
Their core design values lie in balancing craftsmanship with impact, human scale with city scale, and nature with technology.  Its between these conflicting ideas that they find the most room to explore and play.
Kiem founded OFKA from a small office in the Arts District on the east side of downtown Los Angeles. Drawing from his experience working on multi-family projects in Los Angeles and West Hollywood, he began on residential projects but quickly migrated to commercial projects including Offices and Hospitality. After moving his own office to 9th street in the heart of downtown, he began building his design team, his collaborations, and expanding on his services.
In 2020, he co-founded AMU Projects, a design and manufacturing studio focused on prefabricated solutions for interdisciplinary problems.
He is a licensed Architect in California and is LEED accredited. His over 15 years of experience varies from large sustainability focused firms such as Perkins + Will Atlanta, to design studios such as Office Untitled in Los Angeles, as well as top interior design firms such as Rottet Studio in Houston. His time spent at award winning Architecture and Interior Design firms has allowed him to approach design projects from multiple scales and multiple situations. He has extensive experience with BIM tools and has previously trained and developed workflows for multiple large Architecture and Engineering firms.
He holds a Bachelors from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC).
Currently, his focus is on cultivating his design firm, building his team, deep diving his office’s research interests, and partnering with local creative Clients.